Management and Access to Patient Records

Management of Patient Information

Notice For Patients


Your Information, Your Rights



Our Management of Patient Information process explains why we collect information about you and how that information may be used to deliver your direct care and manage the local health and social care system.  


The process reflects:


•      What information we collect about you;

•      How and why we use that information;

•      How we retain your information and keep it secure;

•      Who we share your information with and why we do this.


The process also explains your rights in relation to consent to use your information, the right to control who can see your data and how to seek advice and support if you feel that your information has not been used appropriately.


A full copy of the Management of Patient Information process is available below or on application to the Practice Manager.


In addition detailed below is the Practice "Subject Access Request Policy". This policy details the process for the management of requests for personal information (for living individuals) under the Data Protection Act (DPA, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and (for deceased individuals) the Access to health Records Act 1990. 

Due to the unprecedented challenges that the NHS and we, Balsall Common and Meriden Group Practice face due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, there is a greater need for public bodies to require additional collection and sharing of personal data to protect against serious threats to public health. Please see below the up to date COVID19 privacy notice details full details of sharing and access to records in this pandemic.


Generic GP GDPR Privacy Notice v2.2 May 2021 with GP Connect Systone Practices with GDPR NHS Digital Extract.docx

Management of Patient Information.doc

COVID19 Privacy Notice v1.3 24 9 2020.docx

Subject Access Request Policy.doc