Practice Appointment Details


The practice offers an appointment system that aims (as far as it is possible) to meet the needs of the majority of patients.

We have to main types of appointments – Pre Booked Appointments – These are available 6 weeks in advance and On The day Appointments – These are released at 8.30am for on the day morning appointments and appointments released at 2.00pm for on the day afternoon appointments.  If all the appointments have been booked and the patient feels the problem is urgent for that day arrangements will be made for the patient to be seen.

When all clinicians are available the practice offers per week:-

536 bookable appointments

444 on the day appointments

118 telephone consultation appointments

The biggest problem we face with Doctor and Nurse appointments are the large number of appointments that are lost because patients fail to turn up without cancelling their appointment.  A recent Audit showed that we lost a total of 29.9 hours of clinical time in one month because patients did not cancel their Doctor or Nurse appointment.

It is impossible to operate an appointment system that will meet all needs of every patient, we ask that patients contact the surgery (either in person, by phone, or on-line booking) as soon as they know an appointment is needed.  If they are unable to get an appointment of their first choice of day/time that they book the earliest appointment available and then try for an on the day appointment in the meantime, the earliest appointment can then be cancelled if an on the day appointment is booked.

Joanne Hope, Practice Manager is always keen to hear from any patient that can suggest a better way of managing the appointments.

We have in the past undertaken appointments in the evening (as requested by patients) and were disappointed that such a large number of the appointments were not attended without any notification to the practice and the surgeries were not fully booked.  It was therefore decided to discontinue this service

Extended Access Appointments

In addition to the appointment slots available during our core opening hours we also offer appointments on a Saturday and Sunday morning, at present this appointments are telephone consultations only and can be booked via our reception team.

It is expected that later this year this type of appointment will be made at additional times that our outside of the practice core working hours. As soon as more information is available we will be posting this on the website