Travel Health

 Are you or a member of your family considering travelling abroad?

Travelling abroad continues to increase for a variety of reasons these includes visiting friends and family, business trips and holidays. It is important to remember that however short your trip may be there will always be some travel associated risks. These risks can be significantly reduced by taking a few simple precautions prior to your trip and whilst you are away.

All our nurses have experience with travel health and are on hand to given you up to date advise. 

You may require a course of vaccinations, which can sometimes take several weeks to complete. Therefore it is important to book you travel health appointment at least 6-8 weeks prior to your trip.

Some Vaccinations are not available free of charge and therefore it is advised that patients bring either a minimum of £60.00 cash or a cheque book in anticipation of any charges.

Please print off the attached travel health risk assessment forms (See below). These forms enable us to collect detailed information about the type of trip you have planned, including location, length of stay, specific itinerary, and other health care needs. This will enable us to deliver accurate, relevant information and prevention advice in order to minimize travel-associated risks. Please complete these forms and bring them with you to your appointment.

It is also important to be aware that vaccines play only a small part in the prevention of ill health associated with travel.

Our nurse’s will give advice on all aspects of travel health so that you are familiar with any specific health risks in the country you are planning to visit.

Remember we are here to help you so if you have any travel plans, please feel free to book an appointment with us.  When contacting the surgery please advise the reception staff that your appointment is regarding travel.

Here’s to you having a happy and healthy trip!

For further information regarding travel please visit the following web sites:

Please print and fill in the following form: Travel Information Form Aug 2019.docx